Press Release: MDB Attachments Certified

Press Release: MDB Awarded Certification by Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche (CNR) for Green Climber Accessories for Safe Operations

MDB has been awarded with a certificate of safety for two of its Green Climber Accessories. The MDB TE 130 grass and weed cutting head and the MDB TF 150 forestry head exceeded standards required by the regulations applicable to individual machines. The certification signifies that the accessory heads have not gone beyond the threshold for the amount of materials that are safely cut and prevented from being thrown outside of the head into a zone that could be hazardous for operators or bystanders. These certifications are important when Green Climber machines are performing sloped grass cutting on roadway banks and when working in various forestry conditions.

The MDB TE 130 is a cutting head that is designed to cut grass, weeds, and fibrous materials, while the MDB TF 150 is a forestry head designed to cut fibrous materials, small trees and hardwood. These accessory heads are designed and built by MBD specifically for and compatible with the Green Climber product line.

Mario Di Biase, founder of MDB, says "MDB Green Climber product line is built around the concept of operator safety. This extends to the accessories that we design and manufacture.  With these two certifications of the TE 130 and TF 150, it reinforces our commitment to safe and efficient products."

Marco Delmastro, technical staff of the CNR - STEMS experimental farm in Vezzolano, states: "The tests performed at the CNR test center are intended to certify the safety of the equipment. We have certified MDB TE 130 and TF 150 in compliance with the applicable Technical Standards, taking into consideration the type of use that each machine must do."

MDB at a glance:
MDB Srl was founded in 1977 by Mario Di Biase in Abruzzo, Italy. MDB’s vision is to manufacture safe mechanical solutions with Italian ingenuity and design excellence. The daily mission is to enable our global customers to use innovative machines to perform their work in a safe and efficient manner. The Green Climber series is a line of products that are remote-controlled portable tool carriers and operate in extreme steep sloped conditions, while keeping the operator safe. The Green Climber machines allow for a wide range of accessories depending on the task and are present in the sectors of forestry, roadside grass cutting on motorways and highways, landscaping, and agriculture. In addition, MDB produces a series of remote-controlled speciality machines, such as tracked forklifts, skid steers and petrochemical heat exchanger extractors all focused on operator safety. For more information on MDB Srl visit our website.

CNR at a glance:
The National Research Council (CNR) is a national public research body with multidisciplinary skills, supervised by the Ministry of University and Research (MUR). Founded in 1923, it has the task of carrying out scientific research projects in the main sectors of knowledge and applying the results for the development of the country, promoting innovation, the internationalization of the "research system" and promoting the competitiveness of the industrial system. The activities are carried out through the human resources of approximately 8,500 employees operating throughout the national territory, of which over 7,000 are engaged in research and research support activities. For more information on CNR - STEMS visit the website.

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