MDB will attend the National Agriculture Fair in Lanciano

You will find a wide range of MDB remote-controlled machines, machines that solve problems related to agriculture and forestry work. 
Come and visit us, share with us your challenges while performing your work and tell us your thoughts on creating a safer and, at the same time, more efficient and profitable workflow.
We are constantly looking for new solutions to help and support those who do forestry maintenance, making their work safer than ever. 
MDB has a wide variety of mulchers and flails, both grass and forestry, as well as numerous implements of all kinds. All with the operator at a safe distance, thanks to the remote-controlled machines. 
One example is the sprayer for foliar and pesticide treatments. Those who carry out this type of activity know how important it is to protect their respiratory tract. Remote-controlled guidance allows the operator to position himself at a distance and with a view of the obstacles around the machine.
If you are curious to see how MDB machines can be used, go to the "Products" page of our website.
If you have an idea that you don't see realised yet, contact us and tell us your visions for the future.

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