A Trip Around Our Factory and Region - Abruzzo

Recently we've had a chance to enjoy a quick ride around our area with a helicopter. It is always amazing to see the region from above to see all it's beauty, while the sun rises above the Adriatic Sea, here in Abruzzo.

Clients love to visit us here in Fossacesia, because they get to see Abruzzo's great variety und vast untouched green land. There is the shoreline with beaches and the famous Trabocchi (ancient fishing machines) just around the corner from us. Next, just behind us, with a short trip by car (or helicopter, for that matter), are the tall mountains Majella and Gran Sasso, which reach altitudes close to 3000 meters (over 9000ft). Some love to come during spring time to go skiing and visit the beach on the same day - quite a special experience.

Our region prides itself in having a great amount of natural wild life such as the Italian wolf, the Abruzzi chamois, the lynx, the wild cat, the golden eagle, the Orsini viper as well as the Marsican brown bear, which can also be seen on our logo. The territory also provides a great proving ground for the Green Climber product line, given the steep mountaineous terrain. We talk more about our history and company evolution on the About Us page.

If you're interested in finding out how the Region of Abruzzo was represented in Expo 2015 in Milano and Expo 2020 in Dubai, have a look at the video in this link and this second presentation, created by local video makers, that highlight some of the local beauty to explore when visiting us next time.

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