Agritechnica Innovation Award 2022

Consortium wins Innovation Award AGRITECHNICA 2022 for autonomous driving tractors using SIS REMOTE, DLG awards silver medal to MDB, VOGT, REICHHARDT and HBC-radiomatic.

The consortium has been awarded the silver medal for the Innovation Award AGRITECHNICA 2022. The consortium of companies has developed a system for radio control of autonomous agricultural machinery. The Safety-Intelligence-System SIS REMOTE consists of a functionally safe HBC radio control system and tablet-based ISOBUS automation including automatic steering system from REICHHARDT. SIS REMOTE was developed to commercial readiness for the first time in the LV 600 Plus Green Climber machine from MDB in close cooperation with VOGT.

The innovation enables safe and efficient operation of autonomous vehicles in agriculture, road banks and motorways, field management and other public areas. Using GPS for guidance, it is ideal for repetitive tasks like roadside grass cutting, golf courses, business, and solar parks. The track lines can be programmed into the system either manually or with a PC and saved in memory to repeat the task in the future.

Mario Di Biase, founder of MDB Srl says “This joint project demonstrates best in-class leadership in the industry for the evolution of the radio-controlled tractor sector. In the first evolution of this sector, we have removed the operator from the machine to provide safety and to reduce physical stress. In this second evolution, we are achieving reduced operator workloads for repetitive tasks through autonomous driving.

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