Press Release: Introducing the new MDB Green Climber LV 600 PRO and the LV 800 PRO

FOSSACESIA, CHIETI, ITALY, September 23, 2022 -- MDB has introduced the new Green Climber LV 600 PRO and LV 800 PRO that have several upgrades.  The upgrades include compliance with latest European Emission Standards, increased remote-control display functionality, strengthened under carriage frame, extended reach for the patented trans-lateral movement for the LV 600 PRO and new aesthetic hood designs.

The machines have been upgraded for the European Stage V emissions, including the integration of a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) which captures and stores exhaust soot to reduce emissions. Additionally, the DPF introduces regeneration processes for the engine and filter, which are required periodically to clean and reset the system. The new remote-control display incorporates the visibility of the DPF regeneration progress.

The machines new extendable undercarriage provides additional sealing and overall strength by replacing the rectangular cross section frame with a circular cross section frame.  For the LV 600 PRO, the trans-lateral movement of the accessory head has been upgraded to the same reach as the LV 800 PRO. Now each machine will have a 500mm hydraulic and 500mm mechanical range, which allows for work to be carried out on the sides of the machine, outside the footprint of the vehicle.

Finally, in keeping with the core value of design elegance, the hoods have been reshaped to have that same aesthetic flair that the rest of the Green Climber line has. This design allows for better heat dissipation to help keep the engine at optimal temperatures.

Marco Di Biase, co-owner of MDB, says "We are continually evolving our Green Climber product line to be compliant with the latest emission standards and incorporating refinements to the product based on customer feedback."

MDB at a glance:
MDB Srl was founded in 1977 by Mario Di Biase in Abruzzo, Italy. MDB’s vision is to manufacture safe mechanical solutions with Italian ingenuity and design excellence. The daily mission is to enable our global customers to use innovative machines to perform their work in a safe and efficient manner. The Green Climber series is a line of products that are remote-controlled portable tool carriers and operate in extreme steep sloped conditions, while keeping the operator safe. The Green Climber machines allow for a wide range of accessories depending on the task and are present in the sectors of forestry, roadside grass cutting on motorways and highways, landscaping, and agriculture. In addition, MDB produces a series of remote-controlled speciality machines, such as tracked forklifts, skid steers and petrochemical heat exchanger extractors all focused on operator safety.

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