Press release: MDB expands its range of Green Climber accessories

MDB Green Climber Accessory Heads Get an Upgrade!

There's good news for anyone who uses MDB Green Climber remote-controlled tool carriers! MDB Srl has made some exciting improvements to their TE Series and TF Series accessory heads.

1. Wider Cutting for More Efficiency:

  • Introducing the brand new Green Climber TE 160 Series! This wider cutting head tackles grass, weeds, and brush with ease.
  • Get the job done faster and save on fuel thanks to the increased cutting width.
  • Compatible with Green Climber LV 600 PRO and LV 800 PRO models.

New TE 160 for grass, weed and fibrous material cutting.

2. More Cutting Options for TE Series:

  • MDB has expanded the selection of cutting attachments for the TE Series (including TE 130 and TE 160).
  • Choose from four different options: standard knives, standard hammers, heavy knives, and heavy hammers.
  • Select the best tool for the job depending on the vegetation and workload.
  • Blades are ideal for grass and fibrous weeds, like roadside mowing.
  • Hammers handle tougher materials like light brush, reeds, and saplings.
  • TE 130 and TE 160 flails are compatible with Green Climber LV 400X, LV 500 PRO, LV 600 PRO, and LV 800 PRO tool carriers.

4 Utensils available on the TE Series

3. New TF Series Models with Bite Limiter Rotors:

  • Three new models join the TF Series: TF 125, TF 130, and TF 150.
  • These flail mulchers boast bite limiter rotors.
  • Benefits of bite limiters: 
    • Consistent cutting speed for the Green Climber machine.
    • Reduced risk of stalling.
    • Less wear on the hammers.
    • Finer shredded mulch.
  • Compatible with Green Climber LV 400X, LV 500 PRO, LV 600 PRO, and LV 800 PRO tool carriers.

Bite Limiter Rotors

Safety First:

Both TE and TF Series attachments maintain the CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) safety certification obtained in February 2023. This means they meet strict standards for limiting the amount of debris thrown outside the flail head, keeping operators and bystanders safe.

MDB Listens to Customers:

"We continuously improve our Green Climber accessory heads based on customer feedback," says Marco Di Biase, co-owner of MDB. "Our goal is to optimize our products for user needs while prioritizing operator safety."

MDB Srl: Leaders in Safe and Innovative Machinery

Founded in 1977 by Mario Di Biase in Abruzzo, Italy, MDB Srl is a company driven by a clear vision: to create safe mechanical solutions that combine Italian ingenuity with design excellence. Their mission is to empower customers worldwide with innovative machinery that tackles tasks safely and efficiently.

MDB's flagship product, the Green Climber series, consists of remote-controlled, portable tool carriers specifically designed to operate on extreme slopes while prioritizing operator safety. These versatile machines can be equipped with a wide range of attachments to suit various applications, making them ideal for diverse sectors like forestry, roadside maintenance, landscaping, and agriculture.

Beyond the Green Climber, MDB offers a range of specialized remote-controlled machines, including tracked forklifts, skid steers, and petrochemical heat exchanger extractors. All MDB products share a core focus on operator safety, ensuring users can perform their tasks with confidence.

Explore the full range of MDB solutions and learn more about their commitment to safety and innovation by visiting their website.

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