National Agricultural Fair in Lanciano - How Did It Go?

This month we participated in the National Agricultural Fair in Lanciano.

This is a short follow up post to share how it went.

The Fiera Nazionale Dell'Agricoltura di Lanciano attracts a lot of people from different walks of life, because it covers a variety of interests for many.

People may be interested in nature, agriculture as a profession, passion, or hobby.

Others are interested in seeing the latest news in technology in relation to vegetation management.

Others, again, love being at the fair for good food and to take home some animals, that may range from fish to peacocks.

We noticed that, in comparison to 2022 the interest shown had doubled.

Since the general economy largely reflects itself on the agriculture, we were pleased to see this market significantly picking up movement after the pandemic.

We had a chance to display our Green Climber machines with our latest MDB flail heads and other interesting attachments, such as the trench excavator.

Our next trade show is going to be in Verona next week; why not come by and say 'hello'?

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