National Agricultural Fair in Lanciano 2022

The MDB team showcased the entire product line at the National Fair of Agricultural in Lanciano, Abruzzo from May 21st – 23rd, 2022. This was the 60th edition of the fair and is the most important fair in Abruzzo for companies in the agricultural sectors. The Green Climber product line was showcased with a variety of attachments, highlighting the flexibility and versatility of this product line. These included the MDB TF series Forestry Flail, the MDB TE series Grass Flail, the sprayer, the canal trencher, and the stump grinder which were just some of the attachments available for the Green Climber Series.

The new F23 bi-directional mower caught a lot of attention as the market has been demanding a small, low centre of gravity machine to tackle the steepest of slopes and the toughest in green maintenance. Being able to cut in two directions without turning the vehicle around, the F23 is proving itself to be highly efficient for the worker and has less wear on the terrain.

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